Can one make money from online surveys?

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The answer to that question is Yes but not enough money to make a living off it. Filling out paid surveys from market research firms is just a way of making some extra cash, something most people refer to as a side hustle and definitely not a way to get rich.

A couple of years ago I took a break from work to stay at home to take care of our children. During that time, I wanted to make some extra cash and I began researching about the many ways of making money on the internet. I wanted something that was legitimate, something that needed no initial capital and required very little commitment because I was bent on starting right away. I was surprised to find out I could make money by just sharing my opinion through online surveys.  I was excited to begin doing something during my spare time. It is entirely free to sign up with these websites and they even give you a sign-up bonus and so I quickly registered with two sites and went to work immediately. I soon realized the rosy picture painted by some of these research websites was far from reality.

What you should know before making money from paid online surveys

  • Time-consuming

Let me once again reiterate that before you decide to try Paid Surveys, one thing you must know is that you cannot get rich doing this and that it is just a way of making extra money. It could take you as long as six months to reach the cash out threshold (which could be as little as $30 for most of these sites) and frankly you may lose interest even before you receive your first paycheck. Most surveys could take as long as 30 to 45 minutes to complete. I remember there were times when my husband teased me and asked me to stop ”wasting everyone’s time” with these surveys. As for my brother-in-law, he even jokingly offered to pay me off just to persuade me to stop doing surveys, how hilarious is that?

  • Disproportionate payouts

Most of the time the compensation or payouts are incommensurate with the time and energy one devotes to these surveys. You will soon notice that most surveys go for $0.50 or less for all that time one spends on them. This can be very discouraging. Vindale Research, unlike other survey sites, makes pretty decent payouts; I think most of their surveys pay averagely $1 or a little over that and on a good day you can get very short surveys going for $4 -$10.

  • Sharing personal information

When it comes to filling online surveys, there is so much personal information one has to share in order to first register with these sites and secondly participate in the actual research activities. Although these websites promise to keep your information secure, you might want to reconsider if you are one who would be nervous about all that information being out there.

  • Unwelcomed phone calls and emails.

With the request of email addresses during the registration process, third parties may tend to flood your inbox with unwanted emails and even spams. However, there are some survey sites like InboxDollars, SendEarnings and Paid to Read Email who will pay you $0.02 for reading specific emails they send you.  A way around this will be to have a separate email address purposely for these paid survey websites so that your regular inboxes are not overwhelmed with unwanted emails. You may also be disturbed with lots of phone calls from third party companies also due to the fact that contacts are requested in the course of registering.

  • Monotony

Filling surveys can be monotonous and get very boring having to answer similar questions repeatedly. Frustration may set in when one wastes so much time on a survey only to be disqualified halfway through or much later in the survey. Usually, the excuses for such disqualifications are that; the survey may have reached its quota for your demographic or the pre-qualification criteria may not apply to you.

Having said all this, filling out paid surveys could still be worth your while especially if you are doing it during your spare time (e.g waiting at the bus stop) and the main objective is to have a side hustle so you can have some pocket change stashed away.


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