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Cheap and easy ways of decorating your apartment

When you live in an apartment like we do, at times it can be difficult coming up with inspiring ways of decorating and making your place feel like home without breaking the bank. This is because there are so many rules that go with renting apartments and you many not want to lose your security deposit or be slapped with huge penalties at the end of your lease.

I have found some very nice ways of decorating our apartments each time without breaking the bank because these are some very inexpensive ways .

Using Command hooks and 3M command strips

I use these virtually everywhere in my home because of countless ways these can be used in the home without drilling. Despite the fact that they provide a very firm grip and adherence to walls they can be removed easily without any damage to walls. Click here for how to use them.  Below are some of the few ways command hooks and strips can be used.

  • Command hooks can be used to hang curtains
  • They can be used to hang picture frames and other wall décor
  • I even use them to hang wall clocks and mirrors

Using Contact Paper and Wall Paper

Contact paper are an amazing way of transforming counter tops, furniture and even switch covers to give your apartment a unique touch without breaking the bank. Wall paper may sound ancient to some of us but then there are some pretty decent and colorful ones that are easily removable. These can be used on portion of walls when paint cannot be used to give the accent look you may be looking for.

Use of Wall Decals

I love using wall decals and murals especially in my kids’ rooms, I also have one or two in my living room. They are by far one of the extremely inexpensive ways to decorate. Get an inspired phrase, a Bible verse or word of design that means a lot to you and your family in the form of a decal and use them on your walls. Wall decals are extremely fragile and delicate and ought to be handled with care. Carefully follow instructions when applying or sticking them for a neat and perfect finish. They can easily be removed without any damage to your walls.

Use of plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are a wonderful way of bringing your space to live. Aside the health benefits and aesthetic purposes of ornamental plants and flowers they are great for decorating. If for some reason, you cannot handle and maintain live plants an alternative could be air plants or succulents that require low maintenance. You could also do unreal silk plants, which I love because they are the closest to live plants, just be sure to replace them at least every 5 years by which time they may have gone out of trend or be dull and dusty.

Mirrors, wall clocks and pictures

Use mirrors to make an otherwise small space to appear bigger. Large mirrors and wall clocks can be hanged above couches, fireplaces or mantles to make a statement or as a focal point and can at as great conversation starting pieces. Mirrors can also be place in narrow hallways or stairways create the illusion of a bigger space. Or simply install it across a lovely artwork to reflect it. Spend some time looking for unique but inexpensive pieces and use them in decorating. Give your apartment a homey feel and personalize your space by hanging family pictures.

Window Treatments

Hanging curtains is an inexpensive way of adding a touch of elegance to your home. They immediately transform the room, making it more inviting. Be careful to select lovely designs you love and follow the rules of hanging window treatments. And remember that with command hooks, you do not need to drill into walls to hang your curtain rods

Use Lighting

Using lighting effectively makes your space cozy and sets the mood and tone, making it more welcoming.  Bear in mind that apart from the aesthetic and mood enhancing values of lighting, they can function as accent lighting too highlighting special features.  In addition, it is imperative to use appropriate lighting for the various task areas within and different events that take place within the living room to tie the room beautifully together.  Ambience is very important and different kinds of lighting can come together to produce the perfect ambience which will go a long way to improve the atmosphere of the room.


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